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Getting Started:
  1. Twitter 102 for Educators
  2. Grandma Mary's Twitter Tutorials
  3. Twitter Cheat Sheet
  4. All About Twitter
  5. Twitter Handbook for Teachers (PDF)
  6. Here are some ways to get started with a purposeful, professional use of Twitter.
  7. The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags In Education
  8. The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags
  9. The 2012 A-Z List Of Educational Twitter Hashtags
  10. The Top 50 Education Twitter Chats (And How To Use Them)

How To Find People
  1. Twitter(search people, institutions, hashtags, public lists,..)
    1. See this video on how to use Twitter's advanced search function.

  1. Follow/Participate in Twitter Chats
  2. This Professors Twitter list. Here's one more.
  3. Twitter For Teachers Directory
  4. Twibes
  5. WeFollow (Directory, ranked by influence)
  6. International EduTwitterers Directory
  7. 100 Twitter Feeds to Make You a Better Teacher
  8. 7 Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter
  9. When you find someone of value, see who they follow. See what lists they've made.
  10. When you see a good interchange going on, pay attention to the key participants.

Tools to Manage the Streams of Information
  1. TweetDeck (Browser-based or download) - Make lists and columns to make it easier to follow relevant ideas/people
  2. HootSuite (Browser-based or mobile app)
  3. Twitter (Browser-based or mobile app) - Make lists and columns to make it easier to follow relevant ideas/peopl

Building Your Personal Learning Network
  1. 12 Most Basic Twitter Etiquette Tips
  2. How to Build Your PLN on Twitter (video)
  3. 35 Ways To Build Your Personal Learning Network Online
  4. Follow/Participate in Twitter Chats
  5. 4 Reasons To Join Twitter Hashtag Chats
  6. Understanding Twitter Chats (Video)
  7. PLN Presentations & Resources (Wiki)

  1. Top 25 Twitter Tips for Your Professional Development
  2. It’s Official: Using Twitter Makes Students More Engaged
  3. Twitteracy: Tweeting as a New Literacy Practice
  4. Tweeting for learning: A critical analysis of research on microblogging in education published in 2008–2011
  5. Professors With Personal Tweets Get High Credibility Marks
  6. The Twitter Experiment - Twitter in the Classroom (YouTube video)
  7. 5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom
  8. Twitter in Higher Education: Usage Habits and Trends of Today’s College Faculty (PDF)
  9. 100 Ideas for Using Twitter in the Classroom
  10. Twitter Goes to College
  11. 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom
  12. Social Media and Professors: 3 Promising Trends to Watch
  13. Universities are failing at teaching social media

  1. Twitter in the Classroom
  2. Twitter 102 for Educators (GREAT video to get started)
  3. How to Build Your PLN on Twitter (Great place to start)
  4. Twitter in 60 Seconds
  5. Nancy White & Suzy - An Intro to Twitter(a wonderfully creative look at Twitter!!!!!!)
  6. What is Twitter?
  7. A great video tutorial on using Twitter and TweetDeck for managing your information flow
  8. Twitter for Teachers
  9. Using Twitter in Education
  10. Twitter in the Classroom?
  11. Teaching With Twitter (more in-depth look at possibilities)
  12. Using TweetDeck (search YouTube for many more)
  13. Another Twitter/TweetDeck Tutorial
  14. Grandma Mary's Twitter Tutorials