"How To" Skype Resources

  1. Download Skype
  2. The Complete Educator's Guide to Using Skype (includes how to configure your account and software).
  3. Skype User Guides/Help
  4. Quick Start Tips for New Skype Users
  5. Getting Started with Skype (video tutorials)
  6. How to set up your microphone or headset
  7. YouTube videos on using Skype

Skype in Schools

How to Connect with Classrooms/Teachers

  1. Skype in the Classroom Educator Directory. Join and add your own profile!!!!

  1. Skype Partners With NASA and Seven Other Organizations to Promote Video-Calling in the Classroom
  2. Authors Who Skype with Classes... for free
  3. SkypeInSchools
  4. Skype for Educators (directory of skype opportunities)
  5. EduSkypers' Phonebook (add yourself to the list!)
  6. Skype Other Classrooms (list of countries and classrooms to skip)
  7. Skype Teachers/Classrooms Want Ads
  8. Video Presentation: Around the World with Skype
  9. Join an education social network ning (Global Education Collaborative ) focused on using Skype
  10. Sylvia Tolisano's K12 Online Conference presentation on Skype and her project, listed next (#8) - A great presentation to watch to learn about Skype and get ideas.
  11. ! How and What to Assess with a Skype Project (Sylvia Tolisano)
  12. Around The World with 80 Schools and A Skype Odyssey (Sylvia Tolisano)
  13. Around the World with 80 Schools NING (educator's social network)
  14. Skype an Author
  15. 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom
  16. ePals Global Community

Readings (K12 Focused)
  1. See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom (School Library Journal)
  2. Use Skype with Students (Edutopia blog)
  3. 50 Powerful Ways To Use Skype in the Classroom
  4. 5th Graders Go Global with Holiday Card Exchange
  5. Educational Use of Skype (eHow)
  6. Mystery Skype - Who Could It Be? (great idea!)
  7. Using Skype in the Classroom (great Blog post)
  8. Learning to Skype in Kindergarten (blog post)
  9. Assessment of Learning via Skype (great blog post!)
  10. Students Skype with an author
  11. Using Skype at School
  12. Motivating Adult Learners - Skype an Expert
  13. 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom (blog post)
  14. Creating Student Roles in Class Skype Sessions (blog post)
  15. Flip, Skype and iPad find everyday usage in Lisa Boeglin's class at Scott Elementary
  16. The Many Roles of Skype in the Classroom (ISTE Connects blog post)
  17. Using Skype in the Classroom (Video presentation, Tips, suggestions, logistics, ideas...)
  18. Make Your Classroom a Global Communication Center with Skype
  19. Skype Connects Classrooms Around the World
  20. Students' Use of the Internet Opens a New Window on the World From Their Classrooms .
  21. Skype in Education Podcast


  1. Videoconferencing. It's easy, free, and powerful (video presentation from the K12 Online Conference, 2009)
  2. Skype in the Classroom Vimeo Channel
  3. What Skype in the Classroom Looks Like (video)
  4. Assessment of Learning via Skype (great blog post!)
  5. Music Lessons Over Skype! (NY Times)
  6. Mystery Skype
  7. (news story) Virtual Field Trips With Skype
  8. Students Skype with Jeremy Gilley about his TED Talk, One Day of Peace.
  9. Alixandria Horstmann attends school via Skype
  10. Ill Homebound Student Attends Class via Skype
  11. Skype in the Classroom
  12. Student Inter-School Debating With Skype
  13. Class Skypes with Lawrence Lessig
  14. Sick High School Student Graduates on Skype (CNN)
  15. Matha's Vinyard Teacher Uses Skype Video to Extend Reach Off-Island
  16. Two Grade 1 Classes connecting to share poetry .
  17. 6th-8th Grade Social Studies students discussing world religions .
  18. Kathy Cassidy's 2nd Grade Class Skypes with a GeologistPart 2 Part 3
  19. Kathy Cassidy's 2nd grade class returns to school in the evening to Skype with a class in Australia (time zone issue solved)
  20. Impressions from Around the World With 80 Schools Skype project
  21. Globally... Connect... Communicate (Understanding Jewish Communities Around the World
  22. A Skyped Presentation to Teachers .
  23. Classroom skypes a parent truckdriver while reading the book , Dear Mr. Henshaw .
  24. Earth Day Skype Project
  25. Canada's top spaceman Col. Chris Hadfield virtually visits Hillcrest Private School
  26. Video Chats Take Students to Other Worlds
  27. Make Your Classroom a Global Communication Center with Skype
  28. Students sing with a retired teacher over Skype
  29. EDTS523 Students Skype with Kathy Cassidy PT1PT2PT 3PT 4PT 5
  30. EDTS523 Skype call with Patti Sullivan and Jonathan Bergman/Aaron Sams (Spring 2010)

Other Useful Information**

  1. 15 Useful Applications for Recording Skype Calls
  2. How to Produce Video Interviews for your Blog Using Skype
  3. Wetoku: Alternative to using Skype to record video-based communication with another. Free.