Maximize the Value of Face-to-Face time by Coursecasting, Lecturecasting, Podcasting,... Blending Instruction:

Session E (Monday, 10:45 – 11:45)

... Free up your face2face time for things more meaningful than didactic lecture. There are a number of advantages to capturing course content and making it available to students for download or mobile media players. In this session I will share information on coursecasting/lecturecasting initiatives and specifically focus on my own experience with providing course content to my students outside of face-to-face classroom time. Theoretical, practical and technical aspects of this initiative will be shared. Two copies of the great screencasting software, Screenflow (Mac only) will also be given away.

Session Resources
(My delicious bookmarks on this topic ):

Randome Number Generator

Screenflow Resources

Other LectureCasting Tools